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Latest Ofsted Feedback

Latest Ofsted Quotes – School Inspection, December 2015:

“Parents are highly positive about the school’s work and how it keeps their children safe. They describe it as ‘fantastic’, saying that their child’s progress has ‘exceeded our wildest dreams.'”

“Throughout the school, class groups and the approach to learning are organised with careful consideration of each pupil’s learning and emotional needs.”

“All staff are skilled at communicating effectively with pupils and at building on the pupil’s own communications….. Visual support, signs, symbols, communication books and technological aids are used extremely well to help pupils express their ideas and emotions, to understand how others feel, and to learn.”

“Staff treat each pupil with respect and the ways in which they work with pupils and with each other help pupils to understand and develop such values as respect and tolerance.”

“The very strong emphasis on supporting pupils’ self-awareness, management of behaviour and willingness to engage with others means that their moral and social development is a particular strength.”

“The curriculum is highly relevant to pupils’ needs, and a four-year cycle of themes has captures pupils’ interest and caters well for their wide-ranging ages, needs and interests.”

“Excellent relationships between staff and pupils, and very strong teamwork between all staff in the classroom, mean that staff provide very good role models for pupils about how to listen, attend and join in. As a result, pupils progress through the school, they listen carefully to their teachers and are keen to share what they know and understand.”

You can read the full report here.