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Sunfield’s Trustees

Martin Wood150x150

Chairman Martin Wood

Martin is a founder and Managing Director of Stourbridge-based KGJ Insurance Brokers Ltd. His connections to Sunfield date back to the 1930s when his uncle worked here. In 1964 he also met his wife here, when she was working as a carer. Martin retained strong links with Sunfield and officially joined the Board of Trustees in 2009. He brings financial and business skills, and is proud to be playing a part in developing a strong future for Sunfield.

“I am passionate about the work of Sunfield. The staff here are experts in their field; every day they are making a difference to the lives of the young people in their care. My role is to support the team with my financial knowledge and expertise – to ensure our continued success and to enable Sunfield to carry out our work for decades to come.”

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Charlotte von Bülow, M.Ed., PhD Candidate University of the West of England

Charlotte is the Founder and Chief Executive of Crossfields Institute, an Ofqual approved Awarding Organisation and Higher Education Institute based in Gloucestershire.  Established in 2007, Crossfields Institute has developed to include 40 education centres in nine countries, serving currently around 1000 learners on further or higher education courses. Charlotte has been involved in the Health and Social Care sector in Denmark and the UK since 1998. She has held educational as well as senior executive roles within Special Education Colleges and been responsible for Human Resources development and innovation.

Since moving to the UK in 1999, Charlotte worked within the UK further and higher education sector where she specialised in qualifications development, quality assurance systems and accreditation solutions. As a Quality Assurance and Accreditation Officer, Educational Consultant and University Administrator, she specialised in UK and EU regulations and standards for further and higher education. Before graduating with a Masters of Education in 2012, Charlotte studied Leadership and Management, Philosophy of Mind as well as Counselling and Psychotherapy. She is currently in the middle of a Doctorate in Educational Leadership within the Faculty for Business and Law at University of the West of England.

Since 2008, Charlotte has dedicated her charitable work to supporting environmental and social innovation. She has served as a governor of charities in the Health and Social care sector since 2009. Her trusteeships since 2008 include the Living Earth Land Trust (charity no. 1139874), the Biodynamic Association (charity no. 269036) and Shire Training Workshops Limited (charity no. 285834). From 2013 till 2016, Charlotte served as the Chair of the Demeter Certification Board UK and she is a founding member of the Biodynamic Association Board of Studies.

Charlotte joined Sunfield as a Trustee in August of 2016.


Erhard Keller

Erhard grew up in Vienna Austria and did a Masters in BA in Vienna. He then lived and worked in the Camphill Community Loch Arthur in Dumfriesshire Scotland for over 3 years. He then worked with his wife as a respite care house parents at the Cotswold Chine Home School for 1 and ½ years. Then he did a 4 year mostly practical training at the Kinder- und Jugendheim Friedrichshulde in Hamburg and Rudolf Steiner Seminar für  Heilpädagogik Bad Boll working with children with special needs. Having received the Diploma for Curative Education, he lived and worked for 10 years at Tiphereth, Camphill Edinburgh, a community that cares for adults with special needs. In 2008 he became a priest of The Christian Community and works now in Stourbridge.

I am fascinated by the great history of Sunfield and its great contribution to the development of special needs education, art and science. I believe that Sunfield has a great task and also ability to explore how to help children with complex needs. There are huge financial, political and statutory pressures for care homes in the present time and I want to help the staff of Sunfield to find new ways to care for these special and unique children.