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News Articles | From Farm to Kitchen

Gardening Club 01.09.15 028As part of our Occupational Therapy Summer Sessions students have been busy taking part in various purposeful activities, including gardening and work on our on-site farm.

It was great to see students Charlie and Finlay carrying pots of home-grown mint and delivering them to the kitchen staff for use in various meals for both the children, young people and staff at Sunfield.

Activities like this are designed to support general well-being, to encourage independent living and happen to be very fitting with Sunfield’s history; where from the 1930’s and for many years afterwards Sunfield was a self-sufficient community, growing all its own produce.

Lisa Timms, Occupational Therapy Assistant said, ‘Providing opportunities for our students to learn new life skills and to enable them to be able to do activities or tasks that are important to them is key. It means that our children and young people can develop whilst having fun at the same time.’