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News Articles | Stourbridge Businessman Rows A Million Metres For Charity

Stourbridge based businessman Phil Fellows has rowed 1 million metres without leaving the gym.

Phil Fellows row challenge 2015

Phil Fellows, has taken on the challenge of rowing one million metres for Sunfield, a residential special school based in Clent.

Phil, the owner of Swinford Graphics, has been completing the gruelling challenge at his local Pump Gym in Stourbridge. The row has seen Phil clock up 621 miles since 13th October by fitting in sessions before and after work and has so far raised £295 for the school that supports children with complex learning needs.

In September 2014, Phil completed the Black Country Run raising over £350 and last year completed his first gym fitness challenge for Sunfield by helping raise £480 by running 500 miles.

Phil explains why he chose this challenge: “Sunfield is a great local charity who do fantastic work and I just wanted to do something to help them on an on-going basis. I’m not a runner and I didn’t like doing that challenge, but I like rowing even less. By taking on the challenge, it was the only way I was ever going to get on a rowing machine as i’ve spent many years actively avoiding it. I worked out that I needed to row four times every five days to complete the challenge. I get up early in the morning and sit on the rowing machine and think to myself, I really don’t want to do this, but helping Sunfield inspires me to carry on. “