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News Articles | Student’s Confidence Grows on Farm

Alfie Work Exp2We often arrange work experience opportunities for our young people so that learning can take place both in and outside of the school classrooms. Recently we were offered the opportunity to take student Alfie, who is particularly fond of animals, down to a small local farm in Belbroughton, ran by committed supporters of Sunfield, Roger and Gaye Hadley.

The weekly work experience sessions include tasks such as walking, petting, feeding and cleaning the animals on the farm.

Juliette Brooke, Sunfield Teacher said, ‘Alfie had such a good time. You could literally see his confidence grow whilst we were there. From not wanting the dogs near him and worrying that the horses would bite him, to the point where he was leading the donkey by himself and allowing Harry the dog to sit on his lap – all within half an hour. He was quite rightly very proud of himself.’

Alfie Work Exp1Activities like this help to encourage independent living, social skills, and relationship building as well as work skills.

It has been such a success that we are looking to offer the same work experience activity to more students over the spring and summer months.