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News Articles | ‘Super Sense’ Scarecrow wins a prize!

‘Super Sense’ Scarecrow wins a prize

Scarecrow1Sunfield and Pedmore Technology College worked together during September to create a scarecrow entry for the annual Belbroughton Scarecrow Festival.

Sunfield’s class 3 and class 4 along with year 9 Pedmore Technology College students and their Head of Art and Design, Donna Tromans, worked tirelessly on a fantastic scarecrow creation.

The event theme this year was Superheroes and Villains with the joint creation being named ‘Super Sense’.

‘Super Sense’ was a multi-sensory scarecrow which aimed to encouraged people to touch, smell, listen and explore. The design included an array of textured surfaces, fragrant materials, colourful fabrics and wind chimes.

The judges of the scarecrow competition awarded ‘Super Sense’ with the ‘Best Interactive Out Of Town Scarecrow’ award and a £20 donation was made to Sunfield.P1000201

Donna Tromans, of Pedmore Technology College said, “It has been a fabulous and truly rewarding opportunity working with the children and staff at Sunfield, with ‘Super Sense’ being created to increase local awareness of their work with children and young people.

Our superhero was brightly coloured with reflective surfaces to visually stimulate. All materials used had different tactile qualities.  Super Sense was adorned with scented charms made from star anise, turmeric and lavender on his cape and pockets filled with floral fragrances to stimulate the sense of smell. The character had no mouth to represent that children with autism may communicate in different ways.

Our scarecrow could be seen flying from his painted and collaged background which featured the students from Pedmore Technology College and Sunfield busily working on its creation.  We are delighted that the judges appreciated our hard work and effort”.

Georgina Forrest, Partnership Development Manager for Sunfield commented, “The sheer time, energy and enthusiasm to create the life-size ‘Super Sense’ superhero was clear to see. It was fantastic that our sensory design worked to reflect our children and young people at Sunfield, many who have over or under-sensitivity to various senses and the world around them.

Sunfield Scarecrow Belbroughton Scarecrow 2014

We thoroughly enjoyed working on the project alongside Pedmore Technology College’s students and staff and we’d like to thank them for sharing in and making the experience so worthwhile. We are delighted that our joint efforts have been recognised and subsequently, together we have raised awareness of our local cause.”

Sunfield also had a fundraising stand at the event which was manned by Sunfield’s Community Fundraising Group volunteers as well as year 11 students from Pedmore Technology College who helped to raise £700 for Sunfield across the event weekend.