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TRIGANOS – Resources and Project Development Lead

Snowdonia, Wales

Resources and Project Development Lead

The Role
Trigonos is a not-for-profit social business that seeks to combine social, economic and cultural
objectives in the provision of resources and hospitality for a variety of visiting groups.
The company is introducing a new management system through the creation of a three-person
Leadership Team working to clearly defined portfolios. We have appointed two positions and
are now looking for the final member of the team.

The core role of the Resources & Project Development Lead
To secure the best management & use of all Trigonos resources (money, buildings, land etc.).
Working closely with the other two members of the Leadership Team, the person in this post
will also be responsible for the development of new programmes and projects that align with and
support Trigonos’s core values and development priorities.

The Key responsibilities will include:

  • Business Planning and Reporting
  • Capital Programs and Revenue Projects
  • Financial Management
  • Planning
  • Compliance

Who are we?
As a not-for-profit social business, all surplus income is re-invested into the development and
growth of Trigonos as a place of rest, refreshment and opportunity. If we are successful in
business terms, we can sustain and grow what Trigonos does and is. Doing this in ways that are
aligned with requirements and norms, but without being dependent on external donors.
Reflected in the Celtic Triskele, which we adopted as our logo, we hoped the way Trigonos
worked would be a continuous process of flow between the whole and its parts and that it would
always seek to operate within the principles of opportunity, respect and exchange. The values
and sense of purpose that underpin Trigonos are important if, at times, somewhat elusive.
Closely aligned with this, is the way we, the founder-directors, have worked together as a team of
three providing continuity and stability for Trigonos for more than 20 years. Our hope is that
Trigonos has made, and will continue to make, its unique contribution to learning, well-being
and transformation in a troubling and uncertain world.


Closing Date: 21st December


For more information and to apply please visit our website:

or contact our HR department via our website.


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