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About Sunfield

Sunfield works together
Sunfield adopts a ‘whole team’ approach. By working together, and with families and local authorities, we develop mutual trust, deepen our understanding of each child, and are responsive in our support of their care, education and life opportunities.

Sunfield dedicates resources
Sunfield’s on-site resources include specialist equipment, a sensory room, a state-of-the-art sensory integration suite and family accommodation, along with resident carers, teachers, psychologists, therapists and healthcare professionals.

Sunfield prioritises people
Our honest and open relationships with children and their families help children to feel safe, respected, confident and capable of achieving their best, and their families to feel understood, informed, supported and reassured.

Sunfield transforms lives
For over 80 years, we’ve been helping children to engage effectively with their learning and living experiences, so they develop the confidence to make a difference to their lives, their families and their community.

Sunfield is on the list of Secretary of State Approved Independent Special Institutions.

Some examples of how we promote and support Fundamental British Values on a daily basis:-

Encouraging democracy and recognising that we all live in a society where we believe in freedom and equality of all people Student Council; Student’s ‘Golden Rules’; PSHE curriculum; Youth Club; choice making; group activities; assemblies; themed weeks
Encouraging respect for the rule of law and individual liberty Student’s ‘Golden Rules’; class and residential house rules; PSHE curriculum; safety awareness; community participation; police liaison activities
Encouraging tolerance and understanding that we may not always agree with each other Festival celebrations; cultural days and themed weeks; assemblies; educational visits to places of worship;
Encouraging mutual respect and understanding that we can all help each other to live enjoyable and successful lives Group activities and shared experiences; Youth Club; assemblies; anti-bullying policy; PSHE curriculum; community visits; Student’s ‘Golden Rules’; charity fundraising days and events