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Latest Ofsted Feedback

Quotes from September 2018 Ofsted report:

“Managers have a clear vision for the home and have a good understanding of the progress children are making. Staff talk positively about the increased level of support and oversight  in the homes by managers. One member of staff commented “We are listened to a lot more….Support has given everyone the confidence to work with young people” Another stated  “ managers have made positive changes through training and in the their approach to staff”.”

“The quality of relationships between staff, parents and professionals is a strength of the service. This helps to ensure that good all – round support to children is given. One parent commented “ Partnership is excellent…the managers and staff are all singing from the same hymn sheet”.”

“Staff manage children’s behaviour well. Since the last inspection, there has been an overall reduction in the number of incidents in the home. Consistent boundaries contribute to a feeling of wellbeing and security for children.”

You can read the full report here.