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    open-quote All the staff in the house and school, and the transitions officer, worked very hard to make it smooth and easy. Parent close-quote

Referrals and Admissions FAQs

Identifying the right placement for your child is extremely important, so you’ll undoubtedly have lots of questions. If these questions are specific to your child, we recommend jotting them down and bringing them with you when you visit us. In the meantime, please read our Local Offer document, along with some answers to the questions most frequently asked by families, below:

How does Sunfield ensure that my child will be compatible with his/her house/class-mates?

We carefully consider every child’s needs when a new student is referred to Sunfield. Our observational and compatibility assessments allow us to look at the needs of your child and how these may impact on the existing student group they would be joining.

We also reflect on the needs of the group and how they may affect your child’s introduction and placement. This allows us to make adjustments and plans to accommodate any specific needs that may arise from the assessments. Identifying a compatible group in which your child can safely and happily live and learn is a priority for us.

How often can I visit my child?

You’re most welcome to visit your child at any time. When they join Sunfield, you’ll receive some helpful visiting guidelines, designed to minimise any disruption to the children in the house. However, as a general rule, you can simply get in touch beforehand to let us know when you’re coming and we’ll make sure your child is ready for your arrival.

What happens if my child is ill?

We have  experienced care staff who will monitor your child’s health needs,  we will always inform you if your child is ill. We have a local GP where the care staff will mark an appointment for your child, the GP will also come to your child’s home to see them if they are unable to addend the surgery. You’re most welcome to stay in one of our Family Centres if you wish to be here with your child while they’re unwell. Alternatively, you can take your child home to recuperate if you prefer.

Can I stay with my child at Sunfield?

Of course! We have two fully furnished Family Centre flats, which offer a homely environment for overnight stays or short breaks with your child. We also have a visiting suite of rooms, if you wish to stay for the day but don’t need overnight accommodation. All facilities will, of course, need to be booked in advance.

Will my child receive speech therapy?

All young people are allocated a Speech and Language Therapist on admission, who will assess their needs, then devise and deliver a plan of intervention through individual or group sessions, according to your child’s specific requirements.

What specific services will be available to my child?

The 7 highly skilled professionals in our Psychology and Therapies team offer a holistic range of therapies, which work together to support your child’s development across all aspects of their life. As they’re all based on site, they can provide a responsive and flexible approach to your child’s changing needs and are able to promptly offer advice and intervention as and when it’s needed.

  • quote header
    open-quote All the staff in the house and school, and the transitions officer, worked very hard to make it smooth and easy. Parent close-quote