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Sunshine Week Cake Sale/ Dress Down Day 2017

Top Banana staff in yellowWhether you’re at home, work or school, you can help spread a little sunshine for Sunfield this summer.

By holding a yellow-themed event, such as a ‘dress down’ day or cake sale, or any other ‘bright’ idea for fundraising, you can add sparkle to the lives of children with complex learning and behavioural needs, including conditions such as autism.

Choose a date to suit you.

Bright ideas

Dress up

Why not hold a yellow ‘dress down’ day in the office, with friends at home, or at school, and ask everyone to make a donation. You could wear a yellow top, tie or socks; paint your nails a florescent yellow; paint your face; go top-to-toe in a yellow onesie; or go completely bananas and dress as one!

P1000860Eat up

If you prefer a tastier way of fundraising, a yellow-themed cake sale could be perfect for you. Ask for donations in return for a slice of lemon drizzle, a lemon curd or a custard-filled doughnut! Brighten up your cake sale with a lively table cloth and the yellow balloons in your fundraising pack.



Grow up

Spread a little sunshine by growing your own sunflowers. School classes or children at home can learn how to sow seeds, water plants and measure growth. By telling friends, encouraging others, and laying down a challenge to grow the tallest, you can raise awareness of our work and autism.

‘Fess up!

Share your Sunshine Week photos with us on social media. Search ‘Sunfield’ on Facebook. Follow @sunfield_org #SunshineWeek on Twitter.

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