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Completed Appeals

New Vehicles – completed appeal

The reason

As Sunfield is based in a rural location, it is vital that we have a fleet of vehicles to transport our students to off-site medical appointments as well as to leisure and social activities such as bowling, swimming, the cinema, restaurants and community clubs. These trips play an important part in developing their life-skills and confidence in the community – and in simply having fun.

The project

???????????????????????????????To give our students greater opportunity to go on outings in small groups or individually with their carers, we are aiming to expand our fleet of vehicles to give us the equivalent of 1 seven seat vehicle for each residential house, while retaining our 2 minibuses and at least 2 cars for use by the school and as additional fleet cars for emergencies etc. This means we need at least 5 or 6 more seven seat cars.


The costs

Due to the significant cost of brand new cars and the cosmetic damage that our vehicles often sustain, we are aiming to purchase several pre-owned, low mileage vehicles, with a maximum budget of around £5,000/vehicle i.e. 5 cars@£5,000=£25,000 or £30,000 for six vehicles.

This is a completed appeal – thank you to all that contributed to make this possible.