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Volunteering with Sunfield

Sunfield Scarecrow Belbroughton Scarecrow 2014Giving Sunfield your time and energy is just as valuable as donating. Your skills and commitment through volunteering can make raising funds and awareness possible and even make a difference directly to our children and young people.

Whether you’d like to donate your time in organising fundraising events, help to distribute newsletters or collection cans in your local area, or assist on our site with maintenance projects, we really do appreciate your precious time.

Contact Janine Christley Director of Fundraising  on 01453 837617

Volunteer Showcase

Volunteering Lloyds BankWho: Lloyds Bank employees
What: Gardening project
Where: Sunfield’s Willow Garden
Why: For our children and young people and to save money
You can read more about their story here.