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What People Say

In addition to the quotes shown elsewhere on the website, and on the Family Feedback page, here are a sample of comments and feedback we have received. Some are taken from official reviews, others are spontaneous letters from parents – all have meant the world to us all here at Sunfield. If you have something to add, please get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you.

“London Care Partnership has worked with Sunfield School for over 4 years. Our positive working partnership has ensured that complex young adults are fully supported during the transition process from school to adult services successfully. The staff team at Sunfield have always proven to be professional, knowledgeable and responsive and we look forward to more partnership working for many years to come.” Operations Manager, London Care Partnership

Comments from our 2013 Family Survey

“It’s the loveliest school I’ve ever been to and it has amazing staff and a home from home feel.”

“Excellent learning and health environment, with staff working well together. Great location! All the staff and the family services department do an excellent job.”

“The staff truly understands the needs of children with severe complex needs – ie sensory, challenging behaviours and communication difficulties – and they treat everyone as an individual.”

“Beautiful grounds, lovely houses and all staff are very caring. My child has really improved since being at Sunfield.”

“It’s one of the best places for children with autism in England. My child has made significant achievement – he is almost a new child. From an angry little boy, to nowadays being able to access community activities.”

“Beautiful setting, lots of space, calm environment, caring staff, excellent education, happy and much more settled child.”

An extract from a parent’s letter

“Sunfield has given our son the opportunity to be himself in a safe and happy environment. He is growing all the time in his awareness and the choices he makes. We feel that, at Sunfield, he is given full support from school through to the residential setting. He thoroughly enjoys his music therapy and OT sessions. We feel that these services are vitally important to our son as it gives him the confidence to be able to express himself, thus making him more settled and happy. We have noticed that all the hard work that has been put in during the school day, by everyone, is supported and carried on in his house. We feel that the staff in both settings are 100% committed to him. Without this commitment, he would not be able to take part in all the extra circular activities he so enjoys.

As a family, we feel that Sunfield has made a huge difference to our lives. It was very difficult to let go of our son but the support we have received, from Sunfield as a whole, reassured us that it was by far the best decision we could have made. Sunfield will give him every opportunity to reach his full potential. We would like to say a big thank you to you all.”

“Individually tailored systems are in place that result in young people making significant personal educational and social progress. This is expertly facilitated by well informed, professional staff.” Ofsted

“The family centre provides a safe homely environment to spend quality family time with our child. Having
the option of staying overnight is greatly appreciated. Family Services are a lovely friendly team, very approachable, supportive and provide a great service.” Parent

An extract from a parent’s letter

“We are amazed our son is progressing so quickly at Sunfield. It feels like you have opened that door that should have been opened for him a few years ago and now that it is open, he just can’t wait to learn more and more each day. We loved the letter that he gave me on Saturday and, again, we were surprised to see how much he had written to us. What impressed me the most on Saturday was his ability to do a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. When he was at his previous location, I was always being told that he could only do a 100 piece puzzle and for us not to buy him puzzles exceeding a 100 pieces. How wrong they were! When visiting our son, a walk down to the farm has now become a regular occurrence and on Saturday he was more than happy to carry a bag of carrots so he could feed the donkeys, but it was clear his favourite farm animal is most definitely the sheep! I cannot wait to see what skills he develops agriculturally and horticulturally, because I get the impression he already likes visiting the potting shed.

As profoundly autistic as our son is, I’ve always known there was more to him than what people were seeing on the surface. As the saying goes, ‘never judge a book by its cover’. Previously, he just didn’t have the right people working with him, to unlock that door and give him the chance to show us what he can learn and do.”

“The provision is extremely good at boosting pupils self esteem and self confidence and improving their behaviour. Behaviour is outstanding… resulting in a calm environment for learning.” Ofsted

“It has been an inspiration to see how my son has flourished and come into his own… I could sleep at night knowing that he was safe and happy and sound.” Parent

“I have been working with Sunfield very closely in respect to transitioning children and young people. This has been a very positive experience, communication has been excellent and inter-professional working has been at the forefront and exceptional.  Meetings have been held prior to the child’s moving to Sunfield. These meetings have involved family and all professionals who have input into the child’s life. Transition plans are implemented and have been bespoke to the child’s individual needs. Sunfield staff have been most accommodating and child centered in meeting the child’s needs. My experience of working with Sunfield has been very encouraging and I look forward to working with them again in the near future.” Senior Social Worker, Shropshire